Try to Spy the Odd-One-Out – Trivia

Difficulty: Easy/Medium

Which one of the following does not belong in the list?

Taxes Are Forever
Tomorrow Never Learns
A View to a Bill
The Tip Is Not Enough

The removal of what letter from the answer would make it fit in with the rest of the items in the list?



Think about movies, but in disguise. Another clue is contained within the title.


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Tomorrow Never Learns

All of the items in the list are farcical versions of James Bond movie titles, with all of them having something to do with money, except the answer (“Tomorrow Never Learns”).

The clue within the title is the word “spy”.

The following indicates the actual movie title for each fictional one:

Taxes Are Forever – Diamonds Are Forever
Gold-digger – Goldfinger
Doughraker – Moonraker
Tomorrow Never Learns – Tomorrow Never Dies
A View to a Bill – A View to a Kill
The Tip Is Not Enough – The World Is Not Enough

And for the bonus, the answer is the letter “L”, the removal of which would make the list item “Tomorrow Never Earns”.

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