Not in Space – Trivia

Difficulty: Medium

What is the connection to the answers of the following questions?

1. What star sign would you be if you were born on the 10th May?

2. Which constellation has a belt?

3. What Spanish word means “party”, “feast” or “festival”?

4. What England region was named after an ancient Anglo-Saxon Kingdom called the Kingdom of the East Angles?

5. Who is the antagonist in the Clint Eastwood film “Dirty Harry” played by Andy Robinson?

6. What UK brand of chocolate is known as Dove in America?

7. Which Spanish city is named after the pomegranate?


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1. Taurus

2. Orion

3. Fiesta

4. East Anglia

5. Scorpio

6. Galaxy

7. Granada

All are models of Ford cars.

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