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Build It and They Will Come – Riddle

Difficulty: Easy/Medium

Be enjoying the singles’ life most shall
We are more solitary than social

Of my body is constructed my home
A place where “guests” do not casually roam

After I am done giving it a spin
Danger is lurking for venturers in

The way I prey is a bit like fishin’
With two legs up on the competition

What am I?


The number of lines found in this riddle
May serve as a clue to help a little
(not counting the “What am I?” line).

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A spider
lines 1-2: Most spiders live alone, although some live in groups.
lines 3-4: A spider’s web is made from silk which is produced (spun) from its own body. Insects visiting this “home” (i.e. “guests”) will not be able to walk around freely as they will likely become entangled in the web, with a high likelihood of being subsequently attacked by the spider who will feed on them.
lines 5-6: After “spin”ning its web, a spider waits patiently for its prey (i.e. “venturers in”) to land on or walk onto it.
lines 7-8: The waiting that a spider does is not unlike that involved with fishing. Also, its web might be considered as akin to a fishing net, since the spider catches its prey after the prey gets caught in it (like a fish gets caught in a fishing net). Since a spider has eight legs and an insect has only six, it has “two legs” (instead of “a leg”) “up on the competition”.
For the hint, this riddle has eight lines (not counting the “What am I?” line) which is the same as the number of legs that a spider has.